THEME:  Running a Construction Business

COURSE:  Down and Dirty - CYA Tactics For Your Construction Company's Survival

Lesson:  Jobsite Safety Checklist
Description: Have a series of these completed and on hand when OSHA comes snooping around.  Show that you are serious about safety.
Download: Worksheet

Lesson: Daily Progress Report
Description: If it isn't written down, it didn't happen.  Nothing is more effective at answering vague accusations than a written record of what happened on the jobsite day-by-day. 
Format: Text, Video, Slide deck
Download: Worksheet

Lesson: Client Contract Series
Description: Here is the series of contracts to take your prospect from concept to contract, and document every step along the way.
Format: Text, Audio, Slide Deck
Download: Sample Forms, For-Sale Package

Lesson: Client Real Estate Contract Addendum
Description: If you build spec, and wind up selling the project before completion, this document provides reminders of some important considerations in the transaction. Selling a spec project is good, selling it smart is better.
Format: Text
Download: Sample Form

Lesson: Client Initial Specifications
Description: Every job changes specifications. Use this form to document the base specifications in your initial estimate, so you can track the changes made by the client.
Format: Text, Audio
Download: Sample Form

Lesson: Client Management Documents
Description: Includes the Confirmation of Instructions (Change Order), the Notice of Acceptance, the Draw Request, the Delay Notice and the Restart Notice. Document and manage the client relationship with these forms.
Format: Text, Video, Audio
Download: Sample Forms, For-Sale Package

Lesson: Subcontractor Management Documents
Description: One of the biggest frustrations and largest source of profit slippage is dealing with subs who aren't on the same track as you.  Use the Terms and Conditions, Scope of Work, Work Order, and Inspection Report to get the results you want at the jobsite. Control jobsite quality and profit slippage with these documents.
Format: Text, Audio
Download: Sample Forms, For-Sale Package

Lesson: Quickbooks Subcontractor Insurance Monitor
Description: A major portion of the risk you face comes from the work of your subcontractors. Your insurance carrier requires that you monitor the insurance coverages of your subs.  Quickbooks has an easy way to do that built into the platform.  Here is how to set up and use that feature.
Format: Text, Video, Slide Deck
Download: None