Our Business Model

I have received several emails that are asking the same questions -

"What is the deal here?"
"Why are you offering all this information and these spreadsheets for free?"
"Nothing is for free---What does Builder-Resources get from this website?"

OK, here is our business model.

Our goal is to build the premier advisory website for the independent builder. We want to be the first place you look with questions about planning, marketing, managing, and analyzing your construction business.  Basically, it is just me talking to you about my experiences as a builder.

There is no hidden subscription service or other charges. When we offer a download or sample documents for free, they are free. We collect information on the downloads so we know which are most in demand. That way, we can provide more information on those subjects.

We will not sell or otherwise abuse your information. We want the dialogue between you and Builder-Resources.com to be private. And we want to earn your trust so you will continue to access our website.

What's in it for Builder-Resources?

We have several financial streams from which Builder-Resources will benefit --

First, we will assemble and sell certain of our interactive packages. The Subcontractor Management package and the Client Management package are two examples of this stream. The remainder of the downloads are free to visitors.

Second, Builder Resources offers study courses in the twelve construction business themes on which we focus the website:

Third, Dennis is available for educational seminars, short-term mentoring, and consulting projects in start-up, clean-up, marketing and project management. 

That's it.

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