THEME:  Running a Construction Business

COURSE:  Develop the Correct Mindset For Running a Construction Business

Lesson:  10 Commandments for Running a Construction Business
Description: 30 years of running businesses, especially construction businesses, have taught many lessons.  Here are ten of the most important.
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Lesson: The Entrepreneurial Seizure
Description: Michael Gerber had it right.  The Entrepreneurial seizure is an almost undeniable force.  If you can't control it, at least learn to recognize it for what it is.
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Lesson: Develop a No-Nonsense Attitude
Description: You are asking a client to trust that you have what it takes to turn their dollars into their dream. Be serious about that transaction.
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Lesson: The Government Is Your Partner (Like It Or Not)
Description: See the many ways that various governmental entities are involved with your construction business. There isn't much you can do about it, just be aware of the players in your game.
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Lesson: Thanks For The Miseries
Description: Thankfulness with a little bit of a twist. A lesson in why mindset is important to running a construction business.
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Lesson: 22 Steps To A Smart Start (Or Restart) Of Your Construction Business
Description: Here is a list of thought-provoking suggestions for starting (or restarting) your construction business.  Fore-warned is fore-armed.
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Lesson: How To Get Employee Buy-In For Change
Description: The greatest plan in the world is worth nothing if the people implementing the plan haven't bought in.  "We've never done it like that" can become the deadliest six words in the English language.  Here are suggestions for helping associates understand the importance of the changes you are making.
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