Have these systems in place before you start (or re-start) a construction business

I would like to thank you for your valued information and assistance... no matter how long a person has been in this game it is nice to receive new insights and advice from pioneers.

Robin M.
Managing Director

Lately, I have been talking to builders who have trimmed operations over the last few years or have even been out of the market for a while.

They seem to be thinking that now is the time to re-focus on the construction business.  If you are one of these builders...

Decide to do it differently this time.

Take advantage of new technology to improve communication and enhance team collaboration.

Anticipate problems and bottlenecks, and prepare the solutions in advance.

Build a lean operation... set up systems and technologies to handle the difficulties that bogged you down in the past... and focus on the business of building.

Recognize the need to build a better business model this time around.

If you have questions about where you are, Builder-Resources can help.

Here is my idea of what should be in place before you start, or re-start, your construction business. 

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Budget for upcoming year.

Marketing budget allocated and available.

Staffing vs. outsourcing decisions made.

SWOT* Analysis identifying major market opportunities.
*(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

Business Model Canvas describing why company deserves Client's business.

Business Plan is written, if necessary.

Financial relationships in place and well-tended.

Informational meetings have been conducted or are planned.


Market Research - you know your target.

Niche has been identified - Company is "First", "Best", "Only" in important category.

Branding Elements - show your target.



UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

Prospect touch-points in place.


Job-Site Signage


Marketing budget known and approved.


Contracts Templates are written, reviewed and approved.

Estimating program in place

Estimators trained in best practices

Estimating databases current

Sales Process documented and sales training completed.

Client Management documents

Explained to Client as part of the Sales Process.

Used as needed in client interface.


Terms and Conditions document signed by all potential Subcontractors 

Annual renewals calendared for each

All potential Subcontractors agree to:

Scope of Work

Work Order

Inspection Report


Asana platform set up for all projects.

Project template has been customized.

Team members have been trained in use.

Supervisors have been instructed in mandated use of Daily Progress Report.

Job Binders set up for every current job.

Physical Binder, or
Electronic Binder

At least one initial Jobsite Safety Checklist filed for each project.


Construction-Specific accounting program in use

General Ledger is set-up per the NAHB Chart of Accounts

Accounting Program set up to report 
for review on monthly basis

Three additional financial reports have been tagged as critical and the Owner knows how to interpret the information in a useful manner.

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