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00.1. Foundation Surveys

These FOUNDATION surveys will provide you with a basic understanding of what is involved in building your own construction business, whether you are just planning to get into business or have been in business for a while.  

All the Foundation courses are survey courses in a very literal sense.  You will be answering questions about your vision and preparation levels, and at the same time developing a deeper understanding of where you want to take your business and what is going to be  of you in the journey.

The questions focus on your business concept, and are intended to jump-start your thinking about your enterprise, where you are today and where you are planning to take the business.

We will go through surveys that cover

  • your experience and preparedness for getting into business, 
  • steps in starting a business,
  • putting the business structure together,
  • marketing ideas for the business,
  • production responsibilities, and
  • managing the money in the business.

This series of surveys is meant to be be an initial treatment of the topics, many of which will be developed in much greater depth and detail in other Builder Academy courses.

You will be developing your own “Ten Commandments” (see mine here) as you move through the exercises.  At the conclusion of the courses, you will have a road map for your business future, and a firmer grasp on what will be necessary to be successful.

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