Run a Construction Company

Topic 02.1.
Day-to-Day Operations In a Construction Business


Conduct a SWOT Analysis for Your Construction Business

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis is one of the most powerful business planning tools I have ever used. This course provides all the documentation you need to run a successful SWOT session, and tells you exactly how to complete the process. 

Down and Dirty - CYA Tactics for Your Construction Company's Survival

These are the go-to management tools you must implement if your business is going to survive.
You will use these baseline tools to placate government regulators, keep your clients in line,and maintain job-site quality with your subcontractors.
Not always nice, but always necessary. These lessons are fundamental.

If You're Not Measuring...
    You're Not Managing

You wouldn't, and couldn't, build a project without a measuring tape. It is the standard that you use to make sure the project is build correctly.
You shouldn't be running a business without a set of standards for the performance of the business.
These lessons help you understand and establish performance benchmarks for your construction business.

Borrowing To Fund Your Construction Business

Financing projects with traditional lenders has become more difficult since 2008. These lessons focus on that change, on some alternative ideas, and on being prepared for meeting with any funding source. Being well-prepared is half the battle. These lessons can get you there.

Year-End Planning

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on what you accomplished and what remains to be accomplished in your construction business.  This checklist addresses topics relating to your business, your marketing, your people, your projects and your finances to get you thinking about your goals and ambitions.