THEME:  Running a Construction Business

COURSE:  Year-End Planning Opportunities

Lesson:  Year-End Checklist
Description: You have the time to do some serious thinking about your construction business and where you want to go with it.  Take advantage of the opportunity.
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Lesson: Year-End - Plan Your Business
Description: Clean up all the regulatory loose ends and lean your organization down.  Do some thinking about what you want the business to look and feel like. Now is the time.
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Lesson: Year-End - Plan Your Marketing
Description: Are you in the right niche, and the right position in that niche?  Are all your marketing efforts synchronized?  Is there an exciting new concept that you can take the lead in?  Now is the time to think about that new marketing direction you should move in.
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Lesson: Year-End - Plan Your Crew
Description: Clarify your subcontractor relationships by instituting the Subcontractor Management System.  Make sure you are in compliance with your insurance company requirements. Cut the frustration on the jobsite and increase the quality at the same time.
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Lesson: Year-End - Plan Your Projects
Description: Get the paperwork (especially change orders) for all your projects up to date.  Commit to filing a daily progress report on every job every day.  It's easier than you think, and so important.
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Lesson: Year-End - Plan Your Finances
Description:  Decipher your accounting reports for the end of the year. Pay special attention to the Nine Numbers from your Cash Flow, Income and Net Worth statements. Set an appointment with your accountant, and listen to what he tells you.
Take a run at putting a budget together for next year, based on what you know about sales.  What is your Breakeven point for next year's sales?  Are you going to survive?
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