Clean it up, clean it out...

Many construction companies run with reduced staff between Christmas and New Year, recognizing that most people are cruising into the year end.  In a large part of the country, weather can be a factor during this time.

This "free" period provides you with the perfect opportunity to review the last year and do some serious thinking about the coming year.

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The year-end checklist will provide some guidance for the end of the year clean-up of some of those annoying, but important, tasks relating to your business. There are several areas that require attention, and you should be able to easily get them done in the period between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

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Have you followed each section of the checklist?

Congratulations, you got it done. Now you can enjoy a few New Year's Eve libations and New Year's Day college football games knowing that you have done what you could to set your business up for success.