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A Quick Comment Regarding Webinars

Webinars provide an excellent opportunity for you to become better acquainted with a topic before you plunge into the coaching process.  Offering limited attendance (usually 5-10) and reduced cost (usually around $25), a webinar may help you feel more comfortable with the information you'll be receiving in a one-on-one coaching session.  And any webinar attendance fees paid can be credited to the related coaching session.  Just indicate your interest by completing the request form, and we'll let you know when we schedule a webinar on your topic.

We train you and/or your associates 
at your own desk
on your own computer.

Using the Zoom platform, we work right on your computer, where you can observe, follow and learn from everything we do.

While we are assisting you in meeting your business needs, we are actually working on the computer you will be using and showing you how to use the programs we recommend to digitize your office.

Not only is this method more efficient, but it significantly reduces your cost at the same time as it allows us to set up your computer. When the transition to in-house management is made, your computer is ready to go.