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Decision Models, Templates, and Sample Documents

All management tools presented on this site are subject to the site disclaimer. Please read in full before implementing any of the information presented.

Management tools are the cerebral equipment we use to carry out the entrepreneurial responsibilities we assume when we decide to start and run our own businesses.

All the management tools -- decision models, templates, sample documents, etc. -- on the website are listed and linked here to help you utilize the information on this website more efficiently.  Click on a button below to be taken to the content page.

Ten Commandments for a Construction Business.  

The basis for this entire website.

Practical advice for the construction technician who finds that he is running a business.

Everything on the site relating to running a construction business.

Setting up, managing and profiting from intelligent marketing.  How to let your buyers know about your business.

Topics, Samples and Downloads relating to developing and managing your relationships with your Buyer.

We recommend using Subcontractors as much as possible.  Here is how to manage those relationships.

Differentiate your product to make it stand out in the market.

New processes, products, and best practices are here.

Money is the lifeblood of your business.

Manage your finances better and manage your way to success.

The Nine Numbers represent the foundation of your financial operations.

Know what the Nine Numbers mean or suffer the consequences.


The TOPICS section is where the decision model or the concept is introduced and explained. You should read the accompanying discussion of each of the documents contained in the TOPICS section, but if you know which model you are looking for, or are trolling for useful information, you can go right to the SAMPLES or DOWNLOADS section.

Sample Pages

The SAMPLES of the models demonstrate the various management tools discussed on this site. They are presented with sufficient detail to allow you to replicate the model, if you are comfortable with spreadsheets and their functions.

Free Downloads

The free DOWNLOADS are fully-functioning interactive models, into which you can plug your data and receive useful and valuable analysis. Usually, these will deal with single decision points and address unique issues.

For Sale Downloads

The for-sale downloads are a comprehensive solution to a management problem. Generally consisting of multiple components, they address larger matters.

The Subcontractor Manager (Terms and Conditions -> Scopes of Work -> Work Orders -> Inspection Reports)

and the Client Manager (Agreement -> Confirmation of Instructions -> Notice of Acceptance -> Draw Request -> Delay Notice -> Restart Notice)

are examples of this level of management tool.

All components of the for-sale downloads are presented in the sample pages. If you have the time, you can probably construct these management tools from the information there. However, only you can make the decision if it is worth the effort to re-invent this particular wheel.

If it takes you forty hours to re-create the tool, and you can buy it for $100.00, the question is "Are you willing to work for $2.50 per hour?".

Satisfaction is guaranteed for all for-sale downloads, of course.