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This discussion is presented as a matter of business management. Any action on your part should be discussed with your legal counsel. is not a legal advisor, and is not practicing law by discussing this business document. Please refer to the site disclaimer.

The Client Contract Series covers the agreements that are useful for defining the business relationship between your company and the client as you go through the process of conceptualizing, designing and building the custom residence.  The series includes:

  1. Schematic Design Agreement
  2. Design Development Agreement
  3. Construction Drawing Agreement
  4. Construction Agreement
  5. Mold Disclaimer and Waiver
  6. Builder Limited Warranty

A quick comment regarding the design contracts.  It is important to stress to the client that they are under no obligation to proceed to each subsequent step in the process.  They can take the designs to any other designer or architect to complete the drawings or to product construction drawings.  You are interested in assisting the client in arriving at the best project design possible, and will be happy to build their project from plans developed by any other professional.

I don't know if I can say it enough times, so I'll say it once more.  This discussion is about the business aspects of these agreements which I use in my business.  If you decide to use any of the above information or documents in your business, be sure to discuss any such use with your legal counsel.

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