A Content Marketing Strategy
for the Independent Builder

Find your Inner Geek --

You know how important the internet is.  You use it to access information every day.  You're using it right now.

And so are your prospects.

Will they find your company?  

Will the information they find about your company reflect the story you want to tell?

Will the information they access be more than the usual twaddle --

  • "We've been in business for ## years",
  • "Our company is built on service",
  • "Call us for a quote"?

For a long time, I've advocated that the independent builder must exert more control over his company's web presence.  "Set It and Forget It" isn't an acceptable strategy for the most important marketing tool (90% of all home buyers search online during their home-buying journey) you have.

I get that it's one more non-construction-related responsibility to assume.  

But you're not building houses anymore.  

You're running a business that builds houses.  

There's a big difference.

Gold solution --
Learn to manage your website yourself. Readily available and free or inexpensive tools make this easier than ever for non-techies. Familiarize yourself with how websites are built and ways to maximize a prospect's access to your company story=

Low dollar investment, high time investment.

Silver solution --
Bring your website management in-house by delegating the responsibility to someone in your organization who, in addition to other responsibilities, will actively manage the website under your supervision=

Moderate dollar investment, moderate time investment.

Bronze Solution --
Meet regularly (at least weekly) with your third-party webmaster to add, update and change website content= 

High dollar investment, moderate time investment

Mud Solution --
No website or have a minimal website built and then forget all about it for years at a time=

Low dollar investment, low time investment, zero hope of competing

Five-part series on Content Marketing

Builder-Online and Richard Berger provide us with a five-part series covering a survey addressing "Content Marketing" specifically for builders.  The findings are based on work with dozens of BUILDER 100 home builders over a 20-year span, which is why the information is so important.

The series is built around the "Buyer's Journey" diagrammed below.

Buyer's Journey

I will be providing a synopsis of the information and links to the articles.  You can access my comments and the full text of the each part of the series by clicking in the spaces below.

Content is King

Creating Awareness