Here Is a Checklist For Starting a Construction Business

The following checklist to start a construction business is divided into five parts -

  • Personal -The small construction business is a PERSONAL endeavor.  We will address the personal impact of starting a business.
  • Business - This portion of the checklist addresses setting up your business.
  • Marketing - This portion of the checklist is meant to get you thinking about spreading the word regarding your business.
  • Production - This portion of the checklist addresses how you are going to do what you do.
  • Financial - Important financial decisions will have to be made.  Here are some important considerations.

The checklist is an extensive, though not necessarily comprehensive, listing of the steps which must be taken and the decisions which must be made to accomplish your business start-up.

Though the number of steps may appear daunting, they are all important in building your construction business.  The list is based on what I have done and what I wish I had done in the businesses I have started up in the past.  Learn from my experiences and avoid my mistakes.

Those of you already in business should run through the list to see if there are gaps in your operations or skill set that you need to consider filling.  

Interview questions - Each category of the plan is followed by a link which will open a list of self-interview questions regarding the category.  Just click on the link to open a window which will provide you with thought-provoking questions for your consideration.  

If your browser does not support pop-up windows, use the link provided to go to the page.

Finally, there is a download available (see the form below) which will provide a 13-page list of questions with space for you to actually enter your answer.   This document will serve as a very useful resource as you begin the business-building process, and you can check off each of the steps as you achieve them.  The list is in Word format.

For those of you already in business, the download will be an important reminder of areas on which you should be working.

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