Make Sure Your Company Can Handle the Stress

Remember a few years ago when we started hearing about problems with the banks, and the "stress tests" that were being applied to uncover weaknesses in the banking structure?

Well, maybe you should be doing the same thing for your construction business before you take on the risk of that next high-dollar project.

Make sure that your business organization is set up to deliver on the promises you are making.

You can do this by organizing your business structure so:

  • You are aware of the work that has to be done in the business and for each project;
  • You and your employees will understand the roles they play, and how those roles contribute to the overall success of the company;
  • Even if you are the one doing most of the work right now, you know what skills to interview for with each position in your organization chart;
  • You have a very good idea whether or not you can afford to make that next hire as your company grows;
  • You know that you have the right people in place so when the stress comes, your company won't break under the pressure.

When it comes to managing the business risks inherent in operating a construction company, one of the key decisions you can make is structuring your organization to handle the pressures that come with delivering a construction project On Time... on Budget... At a Profit.

Decide to do it now with this Builder Academy course --

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"Organizing Your Construction Company For Success".

If you want to know how to better handle your construction business, you'll want to consider enrolling in the Business Risk Management program being offered by Builder Resources and Builder Academy.

Preparing you to handle the risks of running a construction business:

That’s what Builder Resources focuses on.

You Build. We Biz.

...expresses our commitment to partner with you to protect your construction business.

Builder Resources can help set up those policies, processes and procedures you need to handle the risks of being a ProBuilder.

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