Building Blocks for Your Business Plan

...the resources I got through your platform have really been helpful in coming up with a business plan and model and overall roadmap for my construction business.

Samuel Afolami
Buildspot LTD

The Business Model Canvas is one of the most useful tools I have found for pulling together all the information required for writing a business plan.  It is a one page synopsis of all of the major points necessary to provide the important business concepts relating to your construction business.

I have adapted the standard form to a construction business application, and you can see a copy and/or download a free interactive spreadsheet by clicking below.

Components of the Business Model

Dennis, Love the work you have done on tailoring the Business Model Canvas for construction companies... thank you for the great resource!

AbdulRahman Salem
Rouya Consultancy
UAE, Dubai

There are NINE PARTS of the Business Model Canvas to be considered in planning for your business. These include:

1.  WHO the Client is - What is the central model for your market?  Who are your flanker models? What is the importance of developing a niche? What is the optimal market position?

2.  The VALUE provided for Clients - Why would a client would want to transact with the business?  What is provided to the client that differentiates the company?

3.  MARKETING Channels - How will the company inform the market?  Media channels (Website, Yellow Pages, radio, newspaper, shopper, TV, etc) identified, which will be used, why?  Which demographics and psychographics have determined the visuals for marketing?  What is the market position sought?  How will that position be won and held?

4.  The Company-Client INTERFACE - What types of relationships are or should be developed with the client?  How does the client want the relationship to be established and maintained?

5.  How the Company MAKES MONEY - What is the pricing structure?  How are estimates produced and proposals presented?  What are the steps in the contracting process?  What cost controls are in place?  How are subcontractors managed?  How is the client relationship managed?

6.  RESOURCES used - What are the products and processes used in production?  Do you download from Builder Resources? Use Scopes of Work, product reviews, best practice documents, etc?

7.  What the Company must DO - Identify the actual work that the company does, how the work is done, and any special products or processes that set the company apart from its competitors.

8.  SUPPORTERS and SUPPLIERS - Who are the important advisors and how they are being used?  Who are the important suppliers and the products or services they provide?  How are the relationships with each being nurtured and maintained.

9.  How the Company SPENDS MONEY - What are the standard specifications for a project?  How are special orders handled? How are vendor relationships maintained?  Does the company carry inventory? Are there cash reserves?  How strong are the banking relationships

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I have just begun the possible list of topics for discussions under each area of the Business Model Canvas.  Comments regarding the different areas of the Business Model Canvas are further developed on the pages shown below.  Click to follow.

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