The Best Accounting Program For Contractors

Here are several I have used and that work well.  When you review them, make sure you are looking at the Contractor editions.  Click on hardhat to go to websites.

  • Quickbooks desktop = the old stand-by, widely used, user friendly.  The one everyone knows.  Has special Contractor-oriented platform.
  • Quickbooks online = Intuit has recently made a big improvement to their on-line entry.  This cloud-based platform is improving rapidly in response to the entry of Xero in the US market.
  • Xero = new entry to the US market.  Comes out of Australia.  Very aggressive company, constantly improving their product.  Cloud based.  They have recently acquired HubDoc, a documents management company, which could provide them with a market advantage for remote accounting.
  • Sage 50 (used to be Peachtree) = more respected accounting program, more expensive. Most independent builders do not need the power of this program.

Any of these will do the job.

No matter which accounting program you choose, use the NAHB Chart of Accounts.