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How to Get Employee Buy-In for Changes



Marketing to the affluent buyer



Client Management Documents

Five Documents In the System

Pre-Define Responsibilities

Introducing the Documents

Why You Need a Client Management System

Promotional Video on Udemy

Go to Course on Udemy

Estimating with EstimatorPRO

The estimating process

Setting up the electronic files

Starting an estimate

The take-off

Understand the EstimatorPRO database

The Detail Sheet

Estimate structure

How to complete an estimate

How to complete a proposal





The Job Binder

Update - Project Management Template

How to File the Daily Progress Report

Asana Project Management Template How-To

Master Video

Purchase the Template

Start a Project

Using the Daily Progress Report

Using Tags

Using the Filing Cabinet

Creating and Assigning Tasks

Update to Scheduling Strategy



Construction Accounting

Nine Numbers You Need To Know

Monitor Subcontractor Insurances

Do The Math Series from Sal Alfano

Do the math - Break-even formula

Do the Math - Markup vs. Margin

Do the Math - The vale of Vendor Discounts

Do the Math - Are you charging enough for labor?

Do the Math - Digging a Hole By Discounting Your Price


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