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How to Get Employee Buy-In for Changes



Marketing to the affluent buyer



Client Management Documents

Five Documents In the System

Pre-Define Responsibilities

Introducing the Documents

Why You Need a Client Management System

Promotional Video on Udemy

Go to Course on Udemy

Estimating with EstimatorPRO

The estimating process

Setting up the electronic files

Starting an estimate

The take-off

Understand the EstimatorPRO database

The Detail Sheet

Estimate structure

How to complete an estimate

How to complete a proposal





The Job Binder

Update - Project Management Template

How to File the Daily Progress Report

Asana Project Management Template How-To

Master Video

Purchase the Template

Start a Project

Using the Daily Progress Report

Using Tags

Using the Filing Cabinet

Creating and Assigning Tasks

Update to Scheduling Strategy

Product - Stretchy Tape from Zip System



Construction Accounting

Nine Numbers You Need To Know

Monitor Subcontractor Insurances

Do The Math Series from Sal Alfano

Do the math - Break-even formula

Do the Math - Markup vs. Margin

Do the Math - The vale of Vendor Discounts

Do the Math - Are you charging enough for labor?

Do the Math - Digging a Hole By Discounting Your Price


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