The Restart Notice

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What Is the Role of the Restart Notice?

The Restart Notice closes the loop on the Delay Notice.

It should carry the same number as the Delay Notice. For example, if the Delay Notice was DN-01, then the Restart Notice is RN-01.

It states that the problem which caused the Delay Notice to be issued has been remedied. It states a projected restart date.

Be certain to issue a Restart Notice for any Delay Notice that has been issued and remedied. It does no good to have open Delay Notices floating around while you are back to work on a job. It is confusing and looks sloppy.

The document states clearly what was done to effect the Restart Notice...

And provides a new "tentative" completion date.

Sample Restart Notice ---->

An Alternative to Creating Your Own Documents

The PDF and description of the document above provides sufficient information for you to replicate the document.

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