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Find Your Inner Geek - Content Marketing for the Builder

I've always advocated for hands-on control of your website marketing strategy. Here's one more reason.

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Design Phase - Charge or Don't Charge?

Two methods for handling the Design phase of the Design-Build process. And why I don't agree with one.

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Generational Preferences in Design - 2016

Knowing what your market niche is looking for in design features is critical to your success. Visit this chart to see what the different generations are expecting from you.

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Monitor Sub Insurance with Quickbooks

Keeping track of subcontractor insurances is just good risk management. Here is a video covering how to easily set up a tracking system in Quickbooks.

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Digitize Your Daily Progress Report Using Asana

The Daily Progress Report is a critical management tool for the Construction company. This video goes through how to use the Daily Progress Report in combination with the Asana Project Management template to keep everyone informed and the company protected.

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Why the Job Binder Is Better Than Drugs For A Good Night's Sleep

Go to the Job Binder Page to see this video about how to set up and use the Job Binder. Discover why using this system to archive ALL the information about a project could save you time, worry and money.

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Five Financial Best Practices of Successful Construction Companies

The top construction companies succeed by doing the right things. A big part of success is using financial information to run their jobs and their companies. Read about their "best practices" here...

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Do The Math - Digging a Hole By Discounting

Discover the devastating effect on your business finances of offering a discount to get a job. You are not in business to lose money...are you?

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The Entrepreneurial Seizure

We've all had it happen...that's why we are where we are. Yesterday I couldn't even spell "entrepreneur", and today I am one. In this Podcast, discover how to become the best you can be at running a business that does "the Thing".

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Your Marketing Checklist - Are you using these 35 steps?

This podcast covers 35 suggestions for increasing your business touchpoints with your market. How many are you using?

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Are You Charging Enough for Labor?

Do you know your real labor burden? Two videos and a worksheet can help you figure it out.

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The Client Contract Series

This podcast and slidedeck provides a discussion of the contract series to take your client from concept to construction contract.

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Five Tips for Employee Buy-In

Don't let "We've never done it like that before" become your company epitaph. LEAD the way to change.

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Do You Want Mark-Up or Margin?

Which is better for your company? If you don't know the answer, go here to find out.

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22 Steps to Start (or Re-Start) Your Company

22 steps to set your building company on the road to better performance through technology and systems integration.

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