The Notice of Acceptance

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How to Use the Notice of Acceptance

The purpose of the Notice of Acceptance is to document that, at certain points in the construction process, the project was acceptable to the Buyer in terms of quality, products, and timeframe. In my contracts, we selected "Substantial Completion of Framing", "Substantial Completion of Drywall" and "Substantial Completion of Project". At these points, the Buyers are responsible for walking the project, identifying any problems they see, and deciding what is to be done about them.

The Interim Punch List

Any problem found and noted on the Notice of Acceptance becomes an interim punch list.

The concept of three interim punch lists is far superior to just one final punch list. Framing problems caught in the framing stage are much easier to deal with. The same can be said about insulation or wiring or plumbing issues being easier to repair or change before the finishes are in the house. By the time the final walk is conducted, the Buyer has already accepted the framing and all the trades through drywall, so all that is left to talk about are the final finishes.

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The Notice of Acceptance - Draw Request Interface

The Draw Requests for the project are tied to the Notices of Acceptance. Once the Buyer has accepted the work to a certain point, there should be no argument that the draw tied to that Notice of Acceptance is due. Neither the Buyer nor the Buyer's Lender should have any problem with the Draw Request.

An Alternative to Creating Your Own Documents

The PDF and description of the document above provides sufficient information for you to replicate the document.

However, you may want to consider subscribing to the entire Client Management package, consisting of:

  • a dashboard with all the important job information entered one time in one place and then distributed to all the other documents,
  • interlinked Specification Change documents,
  • Notices of Acceptance,
  • Draw Requests,
  • Delay Notices, and
  • Restart Notices.
  • More than an hour of instructions and suggestions for how to use the documents

All important information is shared between the documents, reducing input error.

You simply install the entire package into each job file so all the Client Management documents you need are at your fingertips.

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