Project Management Toolbox

Construction management is what you DO. Here are some ideas to help you do it better.

Most of us came into the construction business because it is something that we did as a job. Whether you worked in construction as a family business, as a summer occupation or as a career choice, most of us did the work before we started a business.

Process Tips

This section of the website will concentrate on tips and decision models focusing on the actual construction management process.

Selections will range from information you can share with potential clients regarding how a house is built to permit submission checklists to electrical load calculators.

As much as we encourage builders to pay attention to the business side of their business, you still have to deliver a product.

Select from the choices below to view some tools and topics to help you run your construction business more efficiently and be more in control.

Product Tips

When we learn about new construction tools or products that add efficiency or quality to your projects, you can read about them here.

Supplier companies are always coming up with new products which can improve your building process. We will be searching these out and then providing you with decision models to determine if these products have a place in your production mix.

To qualify for consideration, products must add profit, improve your quality, enhance your image, or make your business better.

E-zine and hard copy magazine focusing on remodeling ---->

Tool Tips

Better tools make a better product.

No one can argue that statement. But the truth is, new tools are part of the fun of construction. Having the hot new tool, or being the first to use a unique tool, just makes the job more enjoyable.

E-zine focusing on construction tool  reviews, tests, and recommendations. ---->

Here is a link to Tools of the Trade, a magazine focusing on Construction tools. Highly recommended reading.