Step 1 of the S.W.O.T. Analysis Process

Step One is to gather the insights of your participants as they respond to the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats survey form.

Survey the participants

The facilitator must create a survey document to be distributed to the participants in the S.W.O.T. exercise.  This document will set the tone for the brainstorming session by suggesting areas of discussion for the group. The expectation is that these exercise will “prime the pump” for the brainstorming effort.

In the Builder Academy S.W.O.T. Training Course

The model includes a notice to participants with a link to a pre-built Brainstorm Survey you can use. Download it, add the facilitator information, and email to all participants three days prior to the brain-storming session. The forms are to be completed and returned to the facilitator by end of business the following day.

Memo to SWOT Participants

Brainstorm Survey

The survey document will also serve to concentrate the discussion of the brain-storming session to matters which are demonstrably important to the group because participants will identify topics they consider most important to the company.

This survey form is meant to spur thought regarding the various influences inside the company by discussing its STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES and influences outside the company, in the environment in which the company operates, by discussing OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS.

All statements should ask for a simple “Agree”, “Disagree”, or “I don’t know” response. The statements are meant to elicit “gut-level” responses to provide the basic emotions about the company.

Participant Comments are Golden Nuggets

Encourage the participants to respond with comments to all statements. Be sure to provide space for comments on the form you create.  The comments will contain the real nuggets for the planning process.

Once the "Considerations Form" is returned by all participants, it is time to move to Step Two in the SWOT Analysis process. 

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