What We Do

The "What We Do" section - 

The "Key Activities" box of the Business Model Canvas describes what your business does:

  • the work that is done to make your Value Proposition true;
  • the work that is done to market your company;
  • the work that is done to establish a relationship with your customer; and,
  • the work that is done to produce the actual product you sell.

Review the discussions on who your client is and on generating the Unique Value Proposition as you develop this category.  

  • Start the section with a reiteration of your Positioning Statement, and then complete the fill-in boxes.  
  • State how the work your company does supports your Value Proposition.
  • State what work is done to support your marketing efforts.
  • State what work will be done to make your client relationship efforts most effective.
  • State what will be done by the company to create cash flow.

The form has space for two entries for each of the types of work shown.  If you do not have two entries to make, simply delete the space or re-name the entry space to accommodate your needs.

Writing the Business Plan

When writing the narrative of the business plan supporting the Business Model Canvas, you will expand on the work outlined in the BMC.  As part of that narrative, expand this section by telling the story of your business.

  • What special techniques or training do you have that will help you to address the market segment?
  • Why did you decide to specialize in the market segment you have selected?
  • What research led you to believe that this segment of the market was viable?
  • What special resources are available to you to meet the needs you have identified?
  • Is your product worthy of consideration by your chosen market?
  • Is the target audience sufficiently large to provide the revenue you need?
  • Why would the category be attractive to your market?
  • Why would the category be attractive to other parties reading your business plan (lenders, investors, employees)?
  • And again...what is unique about your offering?

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