Purchase The Subcontractor Management Package
To Get Control of Job-Site Quality

Purchase the entire Subcontractor Management package ready to go. The files are in Word and Excel, so they can be amended or updated easily.

When you purchase this package, we also provide a dashboard for easy access so you have minimal input necessary to produce the documents.

Construction contracts define your business relationships. The purpose of a construction contract is to memorialize the agreements between you and the subcontractor. The contract acts as a constant and enforceable reminder of each party's responsibilities.

Yes, it is a pain, but...

This construction contracting process, Terms and Conditions -> Scope of Work -> Work Order -> Inspection Report, is the only way I know of to achieve the construction quality you need to build an image you can rely on to sell more houses. It is as much a part of building your construction business as any other sales effort, contract negotiation, or design work.

It is also a blessing to have all the paperwork at hand if you need it for legal proceedings. You can demonstrate that reviews and walk-throughs were conducted following each work phase. You can prove that someone from your organization was invested in the project at all times.

It is the difference between allowing your business to control you and you controlling your business.

It can be the difference between failure and success.

Terms and Conditions -> Scope of Work -> Work Order -> Inspection Report.

"If you want to be a member of my team, this is how you will conduct yourself".

"If you want to work on my project, this is how you will build it".

"If you do what I need done, this is how much you will be paid".

"If you have done it the way I want it done, I'll pay you".

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