Look, we get it

When you started your business, it was just build, build, build.  And you had that down cold.

You thought if you built the best value house in your market, you would be a success.

You sold your first house to a friend, and your second to a friend of a friend.

Because they knew you... and knew you knew what you were doing.

And then the reality of home-building in the 21st century hit you... hard.

They aren't going to let you just build.

You have to put a business together.

Your banker wants financial reports before he gives you money, and...

she'd like to see your pro forma for next year's budget.

You have to make sure your (and your subcontractor's) insurances are up to date.

It would be nice to know that there is more business in your pipeline after you finish this house, because...

now you have employees depending on you for their incomes.

You haven't been trained in accounting, so how can they expect you to make sense of all those numbers.

You realize you need to have some idea of what your competitors are doing so you can protect your pipeline.

You lay awake at night asking "should I have a brand, and what does that even mean?".

If the Buyer doesn't even know that your construction company is in the market, how will they buy your house?

And you ask "What if...?", and "What if...?", and ......


Because what you are trying to do now is a little bit about building a house...

and a lot about running a business that builds houses.

and I'll bet you know how to to pour concrete or frame a wall or stack a roof...

not how to run a construction business.

That's OK.  We do.  We're trained to biz for builders.

What that means for you

Call it what you want... CFO-in-a-box... outsourcing... backofficing... It's the same result.

Builder Back Office can assist you in getting the right systems in place to run your company (DONE FOR YOU, below);

Then can train you how to use those business systems (DONE WITH YOU, below);

Then can monitor your progress and provide periodic refresher courses or new employee training (DONE BY YOU, below).

You  get the benefit of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a fraction of the $125,000/year cost of a CFO.

Here's a quick overview of what is available

DONE FOR YOU (set-up)


- Create file structure

- Create Production Management template

- Confirm business status

- Review operational risk management

- Clarify organizational structure

- Conduct SWOT Analysis


- Conduct Market Research

- Introduce Business Model Canvas

- Create Branding video

- Create Branding collaterals

- Create information video

- Review client website

- Set up estimating system


- Import NAHB Chart of Accounts

- Set up accounting correctly

- Create financial dashboard

- Review financial risk

- Create budgeting forms

- Co-ordinate other professionals

DONE WITH YOU (training)


- Create systems orientation mindset

- Revise organization structure

- Gather preliminary SWOT information


- Create logo

- Complete Business Model Canvas

- Revise client website

- Manage EstimatorPro database


- Learn to use financial dashboard

- Manage financial risk

- Create budget

DONE BY YOU (monitoring)


- Complete Foundation Survey

- Confirm/Select operating entity


- Provide copy of logo

- Create estimates and proposals


- Use information to make decisions

- Follow budget