Design and Details

Construction Details - Show Everyone What You Want

Construction details are useful for demonstrating to everyone involved in the building process exactly what you are looking for in the structure. Use them to support your Scopes of Work whenever necessary.

Details show your client what you are intending to build, and provides the opportunity for comment or correction. Also provides the opportunity to have the client sign-off on the design. In fact, the 1-story fill-in below is used exactly for that purpose.

Construction details accompany the permit package so there is no confusion on the part of the inspector. The inspectors we have worked with seem to prefer construction details as a shortcut to their inspection information.

Finally, construction details provide your subcontractors with a larger understanding of how their scope fits into the overall scope of the project. It is a simple matter to explain to the foundation contractor what size sill plate you want if he understands the framing specifications. Knowing the siding specifications help the framer understand what he has to do with the soffit and facia.

Special Construction Details

  • 1-Story Fill-In - Use this form to create a visual of the specifications for a project. Use in initial design meeting to begin getting commitment from client. Not meant for permit submission, but provides good basic project information.

2 x 4 Wall Construction Details

  • 4-2SSlabIJSiding - 2x4 Wall, 2-Story, Slab with thickened edges, I-Joist 2nd floor, wood siding.
  • 4-CrawlIJStucco - 2x4 Wall, Crawl Space, I-joist floor, Stucco siding.
  • 4-SlabSide - 2x4 Wall, Slab with thickened edges, wood siding.
  • 4-PTStucco - 2x4 Wall, Slab with thickened edges, Post-Tension notes, Stucco siding.

2 x 6 Wall Construction Details

  • 6-WalkBaseFTSide - 2x6 Wall, Walk-out basement, Floor Trusses, Wood siding.
  • 6-2SSlabFTSide - 2x6 Wall, 2-Story, Slab with thickened edges, Floor trusses, Wood siding.
  • 6-CrawlIJStucco - 2x6 Wall, Crawl space, I-Joist, Stucco siding.
  • 6-BaseFTSide - 2x6 Wall, Basement, Floor truss, Wood siding.

Generic Construction Details

If you do not find the detail you need in the above lists, take the opportunity to send us an e-mail using the comment form below. We will see what we can do to get it designed for you.

Until then, you can use the following generic details to build a master detail. The drawing won't be as clean as a custom-designed construction detail, but will be better than nothing.

To put the master detail together, do the following:

  • Open MS Excel in a separate window;
  • Left Click on the detail you wish to transfer;
  • Right Click inside the detail;
  • Select <Copy Image> from the window;
  • Move to Excel window;
  • Right Click, select <Paste>;
  • Image can be re-positioned on page;
  • Line up Roof-Wall-Floor-Foundation to approximate the detail needed.

If you want to use MS Word, create a text box on the Word page inside which you will locate the detail.

Contact us to see if we can put the construction detail you need together.

If you need a special detail developed, let us know. No Guarantees, but we will try to get it drawn and add it to the library. Make sure we have your e-mail so we can let you know when it is built.

Be sure to provide all the information needed, including the following:

  • Foundation details;
  • Floor structure;
  • Wall structure;
  • Wall and Ceiling Insulation;
  • Siding;
  • Wall and Ceiling Drywall;
  • Roof structure (trusses, stacked, I-Joist);
  • Roofing;
  • Ventilation;
  • Any other important info.

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