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Building the Business Plan

Who the Client Is

The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas Download

Building the Unique Value Proposition

What the Market Values

UVP Generator

The Market Values Download

The UVP Generator Download

The "What We Do" Section

The Job Binder

Title Page

10-Tab Template

15-Tab Template

The Job Binder Download

SWOT Analysis for a Construction Business

SWOT Considerations

SWOT Considerations Summary

SWOT Initiatives

SWOT Business

SWOT Marketing


SWOT Project

SWOT Finances

SWOT Analysis Download

The Client Contract Series

The Initial Specifications form

Sample Initial Specifications form

Initial Specifications form Download

The Daily Progress Report

Sample Daily Progress Report

Daily Progress Report Download

Why You Can No Longer Rely On Banks

Collaborate With Your Construction Team

Funding From Your Business, Your Customer and Your Community

Year-End Checklist

Year-End Checklist Download

Government Agencies

IRS Form W-9

RESCheck - Energy Calculator

SBA Advertising Law

SBA Employment Law

SBA Environmental Regulations

SBA Foreign Worker Regulation

OSHA Small Business Guide

U S Copyright Office - Copyright FAQ

U S Patent Office Trademark Basics